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Security for Women

Security for Women

Download the A-Alert app today to keep yourself safe in any situation! 

Have you ever felt uncomfortable or at risk? Do you worry about being caught out alone, just living your life? The A-Alert app was designed with the safety of women in mind. 

It is well-documented that women of all ages have more reason to fear for their safety and security than other social groups. Women all over the world are statistically more likely to be the victim of domestic violence and sexually motivated attacks and are most at risk when they find themselves alone.

They may be living alone and the victim of a targeted or random attack, or they may simply be going about their normal day-to-day activities when the incident occurs.

How can women end up in danger?

There are endless ways in which women can find themselves in danger that is unique to their gender, and certainly through no fault of their own. While it is indisputably disappointing that in the 21st century women still have to put much more rigorous thought into their personal safety at all times than their male counterparts, it is the reality that we live in. Progress has absolutely been made in these areas, and continues to be made – A-Alert Personal Safety Systems is extremely proud to be part of contributing to the improved safety of women. We hope to give women the extra security and peace of mind they need in some of the following situations:

How Does A-Alert keep me safe in these situations without me changing my lifestyle or alerting the perpetrator?

A-Alert Personal Safety System has a range of features designed to ensure your safety, and we realise that sometimes means that you have to hide the alerts that go out from domestic abusers or people who are making you feel uncomfortable but who have not yet started an attack.

We also acknowledge that should you be involved in an accident or assault, you pets may be left to fend for themselves. Our system ensures that they will be taken care of by your loved ones.

The Pre-set Alerts can be set as normal daily routine events – waking up in the morning, leaving work or going to a weekly work-out class, would all fall into this category. These Alerts can be set to recur at intervals of your choosing, making them the perfect set-and-forget safety net.

Quickset Alerts work really well for spontaneous or one-off events. This could be going on a date with someone you don’t know well, walking home from a restaurant alone after dinner, or going for an early morning jog alone. Simply tap the required time button and you are covered.

Our urgent Support Group Alerts and Emergency SOS Alerts are there for you in case of emergencies. Your Support Group Alert can be used when you are requiring help but do not require the involvement of emergency authorities, and Emergency SOS Alerts should be used where you are in a life threatening situation and require urgent medical care or the help of police officers or firefighters.



A-Alert’s specially designed app can provide significant peace of mind and a level of protection not previously available!

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A-Alert is for people from all walks of life. No more wearing outdated hanging devices around your neck or being confined to your house for your safety system to function. A-Alert is a digital driven safety system. Take your smartphone with you and you have the most revolutionary safety system on the market, right in the palm of your hand!