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Pet Protection

Keep your pets safe and cared for with the A-Alert safety app!

Are you worried about what would happen to your beloved pet if something happened to you? Do you fear that they would be left to fend for themselves? A-Alert has got you covered! Our innovative new app is the best on the market, and it keeps your pets safe by keeping you safe!

Around 62% of Australian households own a pet and for most us, we consider our pets to be our most treasured family members. While of course we love our human family, our pets tend to offer us a very non-judgmental, unconditional form of love that simply cannot be replaced.

This is why the thought of them being left to fend for themselves, or locked inside without food or care is an extremely upsetting thing to contemplate. Our beloved animals don’t have the same abilities to think and care for themselves as we do, and they are relying on us to look after them. In fact, there is no doubt in their minds that we will, and it’s up to us to make sure we honour the trust they place in us.

How does the A-Alert Personal Safety System work to keep your pets safe?

Our system works to keep your pets safe by first keeping you safe. Your family and close friends – the people you would nominate as Support Group contacts – will be well aware of and familiar with your treasured pet, and in the event of an emergency would remember to keep them safe for you.

Animals have their own fears and comforts, and being cared for by one of your close friends or relatives will ease their distress if you were in an accident or badly injured. 

Some scenarios where your pet might be at risk or react to stress poorly in the event that you are rendered unconscious or totally incapacitated;

The A-Alert Personal Safety System team has a deep passion for keeping animals safe alongside their owners. We know that our pets aren’t replaceable, and unlike our adult friends and family, they rely on us to keep them safe and happy. Being able to do so means putting your own safety first, and putting measures in place to ensure that you don’t leave yourself or your pets undiscovered in the event of an accident or injury!