We are proud to release the very latest and best in traditional Personal S.O.S. Devices!


The New A-Alert 2020 4G
Safety Device

Don’t pay more for an outdated 3G device from other suppliers! The AA-04 features the latest 4G Technology for superior coverage and reliability.

Your AA-04 works anywhere in Australia and includes a sim card, ready to use.

It is set up and ready to start offering you and your family the peace of mind you all deserve, importantly there are no monthly monitoring fees – EVER!

How It Works

Get Help When You Need It

If an unforseen incident happens and you require help – simply press the S.O.S. button on the AA-04, and the device will immediately send an SMS notification with your exact location to up to 6 nominated support people!

If there is no initial response, the AA-04 will phone each number one after the other until it gets a response and just like that, help is on the way!

Your helpers can even talk to you on the device to give you comfort while they establish your needs.


Feature List

The A-Alert AA-04 Safety GPS Tracker

The Best of Both Worlds!

Add the new AA-04 Wearable S.O.S. Tracker to the incredible A-Alert App for the most
comprehensive personal safety protection system available.

The A-Alert App

This remarkable app will check on you as many times per day as you would like, to ensure you are safe! With its totally unique pre-set and quickset alert systems, you can be assured that if something unforeseen happens to you and you are incapacitated - then the A-Alert App will get you the help you need!

The AA-04 Wearable S.O.S. Device

The AA-04 gives you the added security of having a device to wear that you can activate by pressing a button if you need help. Add the latest and best 2020 4G Wearable S.O.S device to the A-Alert App and you have the most comprehensive personal safety system available.

Special Offer

See our special offer below and save a substantial amount of money by purchasing the two safety systems together!


For a limited time only, you can purchase the AA-04 Wearable S.O.S. Tracker for the low, discounted price of just $425!
Save over $60 on your order and start giving you and your family the peace of mind you all deserve.

A-Alert App

12 month subscription
$ 143
For a 12-month

Equal to $11.99 per month
  • Pre-set Alerts
  • Quickset Alerts
  • Emergency SOS Alerts
  • Support Group Alerts
  • GPS Coordinates Sent
  • Full App Functionality

A-Alert AA-04

GPS Safety Tracker
$ 425
plus $9.95
Postage & Handling

Was $490.00

Total Cost $434.95
  • Latest 4G Technology
  • 2-Way Talk Functionality
  • GPS Coordinates Sent
  • Automatic Fall Detection
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Fully Set Up, Ready To Use

App & Tracker

Comprehensive Safety System
$ 542
plus $9.95
Postage & Handling

Total Cost: $552.83

Pay only $399 for the AA-04 GPS Safety Tracker when you purchase a 12-month subscription to the incredible A-Alert App for the most comprehensive safety system available.
Best Value

Please Note: Charging base not included. Available as an optional extra for an additional $24.00
If purchased separately, an additional postage and handling fee of $9.95 would apply.

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A-Alert is for people from all walks of life. No more wearing outdated hanging devices around your neck or being confined to your house for your safety system to function. A-Alert is a digital driven safety system. Take your smartphone with you and you have the most revolutionary safety system on the market, right in the palm of your hand!