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How to get immediate help for yourself and others without notifying emergency services!

If you are in a non life threatening situation but need immediate help from friends and family, A-Alert has designed a special feature just for this purpose.

How does the Support Group Alerts feature work?

The Support Group Alerts feature allows you to send out an urgent alert to members of your nominated support group, letting them know that you are in trouble and require immediate assistance. Sometimes in life we get ourselves into situations or have accidents that while urgent, do not necessarily need the attention of our 000 emergency authorities. And of course, sometimes we would love the option of having a close family or friend help us in certain predicaments!

If your life is in immediate danger or you have been badly hurt – always use the Emergency SOS Alerts feature. But for all other urgent occurrences – Support Group Alerts can save the day. Simply hit the support group button to alert your support group members that you need help.

The manual feature works by sending out an alert to all your  nominated Support Contacts along with your G.P.S. co-ordinates. 

What makes Support Group Alerts such a life saver?

We all understand that there can be many unexpected situations that life can throw at us, that are unexpected.
The Support Group Alert allows you to reach out for urgent help from your closest family members and friends when you need their help most!

Support Group Alerts Features at a glance:

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