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Quickset Alerts

What you need to know about Quickset Alerts and how they help keep you and your pet safe while still living a spontaneous lifestyle!


How does the Quickset Alerts feature work?

The Quickset Alerts feature allows you to set a one-off timer for whatever activity you are about to undertake. These activities may have an element of risk attached and could leave you exposed if something unforeseen happened whilst undertaking the activity.

Some good examples would be things such as:

The Quickset feature works by allowing you to set a time interval before commencing your chosen activity. If you fail to dismiss the Alert that is issued once that time frame is up, an SMS Alert & GPS coordinates will be sent to members of your nominated Support Group letting them know that you have failed to check in or finish the activity safely. The A-Alert system has safety measures and peace of mind built in!

How do Quickset Alerts keep me and my pets safe?

Quickset Alerts keep you and your pet safe by ensuring that regardless of last minute decisions and activities, you are always covered if anything should go wrong. None of us wants to imagine going out for a bike ride and having an accident in a remote area and be totally incapacitated with no-one to take care of our beloved pets. For many of us, our pets are our closest and most loved family members and the thought of them suffering in our absence is unbearable. A-Alert Personal Safety System aims to provide automated and flexible security for you and your precious pets by letting your support know when you need assistance.

Quickset Alerts features at a glance:

you are able to use quickset alerts for any daily activity that may have an element of risk where the system can check on you once you have completed your activity

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A-Alert is for people from all walks of life. No more wearing outdated hanging devices around your neck or being confined to your house for your safety system to function. A-Alert is a digital driven safety system. Take your smartphone with you and you have the most revolutionary safety system on the market, right in the palm of your hand!