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Emergency SOS Alerts

How sending out an Emergency 000 Alert works to save your life, and get you the urgent help you need!

How does the Emergency SOS Alert Feature work?

The A-Alert Personal Safety Alert System has built in an absolute must-have emergency SOS Alert feature. This feature is for serious medical and criminal emergencies, and works to get you urgent care straight away.

An Emergency SOS Alert button is featured prominently on the app. Simply hold this button for 4 seconds to activate the Emergency function, allowing you to then call 000 with one further touch of the 000 button. Once you press this second 000 button, you will be connected with an emergency services operator who can assist you with the emergency services you need.

Our system requires you to hold the initial 000 button for 4 seconds so that everyday app use and bumping will not set off an emergency alert by mistake!

What makes Emergency SOS Alerts so easy?

In order to make an Emergency SOS Alert feature functional – it has to be easy! A-Alert has made sure that the main screen features an easy-to-see SOS button, and we have made it knock-proof to prevent accidental touches. The button is made big enough and visible enough to be easily located in an emergency event where vision and mobility may be impaired.

How do Emergency SOS Alerts keep me safe?

Emergency SOS Alerts get you the help that you need immediately by connecting you directly to an emergency services operator. This feature, alongside your Pre-set Alerts is especially effective for this. While your Emergency SOS Alert gets your urgent care, your Pre-set Alert feature – when you fail to deactivate it – will send out an SMS & GPS coordinates to your Support Group members. In this way, it will alert your closest friends and family that a problem has occurred, and that your pets may need care. It will also let them know that you have had an accident, or been the victim of a crime and therefore need their support and assistance.

Emergency SOS Alert features at a glance:

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