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A- Alert System Features

The A-Alert personal safety system is an exciting new phone app which can revolutionise your life through the touch of your smartphone.

This app has been designed to give you peace of mind and the safety you deserve! Multiple features are built in to tailor your safety needs with a minimum of fuss, using a step by step process.

If you live alone, spend time alone or undertake a variety of activities alone, then this app could save your life and that of your pet!


Pre-set Alerts

Set as many routine check-in times as you would like to be checked upon, allowing you to move through your day with the assurance that help is on the way should the unforeseen happen. We recommend that you set between 3 and 6 Pre-set times per day to allow the system to regularly check on you, to ensure your safety.

Quickset Alerts

Choose from multiple timeframes or add your own. Simply tap the relevant timeframe, then get on with your activity, knowing that if you are unable to deactivate the alarm, an alert with your GPS location will be sent to your support group.

Emergency 000 Alerts

Help for yourself or helping others in an emergency, simply hold the 000 Emergency button for 4 seconds to enable you to directly contact emergency services.

Support Group Alerts

If you require assistance in a serious but non life threatening situation, holding the support group button for 4 seconds will send your request via SMS to your support group, letting them know you require their help.

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A-Alert is for people from all walks of life. No more wearing cumbersome hanging devices around your neck or being confined to your house for your safety system to function. A-Alert is a digital driven safety system. Take your smartphone with you and you have the most revolutionary safety system on the market, right in the palm of your hand!