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Getting started

Users must have an iPhone 5 Phone or later, with IOS 12 or later update,  or Android 5 or later,  smartphone to use the A-Alert system.

Yes – our personal safety system does come at an exceptionally low price, and payments can be paid 6-monthly, annually or 2 yearly. Subscription prices include regular app updates and maintenance.

At this stage, Australia only, but available wherever there is a phone signal.

Download the A-Alert app through your online app store via your phone and register your personal information and payment details through the A-Alert online website.


All you need to do is email us your current and desired account phone numbers at info@aalertsystems.com.au. Our team will update the systems and give you guidance on how update your app.

Simply go to “Login” on website and click “Forgot Your Password” and follow the instructions.

We will notify you prior to your renewal date to remind you that your subscription is due to expire and confirm your account details for the new annual payment to be debited from your account.

Pre-Set Alerts

Yes – A-Alert allows you to set as many preset alert times as you wish. These alerts can be one off or set to repeat daily until changed.

Yes – A-Alert allows you to delete preset alerts as needed.

Yes – A-Alert allows you to delete preset alerts as needed.

Yes – A-Alert allows you to set Pre-set alert times in hour and minute increments. You can set your alerts right down to a specific minute. Eg. Morning Wake-Up Alert: 7.18AM

Please note there is an 8 min. time frame from when your alert starts, before the first 2 of your nominated Support Group Contacts are notified. There is a further 12  min. incremental separation time between when the second and third groups of 2 support people  receive their alerts.

Quickset Alerts

Quickset Alerts are used for any activity deemed to have an element of risk such as etc. surfing, bushwalking alone, going on an online date, rock climbing alone, working in a remote area.

To disable the Quickset Alert, simply tap the quickset time box and it will stop counting down.

Your nominated Support Group Contacts are notified when you are not able to disable the alert via SMS. You will have ordered these contacts in terms of proximity and importance, and the first TWO on the list will be notified first. If no response comes through from them immediately, the next two contacts will be alerted – and so on until a response is received.

Support Group Contacts & Alerts

You may nominate up to 6 support group persons, and you are able to edit, rearrange and change these as required.

The first 2 of your nominated support group  will be notified  8 minutes after your alert commences. There is a further 12 minute delay between each of the following 2 groups being notified. 

The app allows you to edit and reorganise your support group contacts as required.

Emergency SOS Alerts

An Emergency SOS Alert is one that should be used in the event or a medical or criminal emergency. To trigger this alert, simply press down on the SOS Alert button for 4 seconds to expose the 000 call button, then press the secondary 000 call button to get in contact with emergency services. The requirement that you press the button for 4 seconds is to prevent alerts being sent out when your phone is bumped or knocked.

No – The 000 facility contacts emergency services directly.


The app utilises an email and password that is created when you sign up. Additionally, we recommend that you utilise your phone’s own security features.

Your information and account details are stored on our backend administration system in line with our confidentiality and privacy policies.

Please refer to our privacy policy for further information.

Additional Questions

Yes – A-Alert will continue working in the background, provided that you continue to leave it operational in the background. To entirely disable A-Alert, you need to ensure that you have no active alerts current and then force close the app.

We love getting user feedback from our clients, as we strive every day to provide a service that keeps our clients safe, happy and with minds well at ease. Any feedback from our number one priorities is always welcome! You can send your feedback to us here at info@aalertsystem.com.au.

Only if I turn the volume off on your phone – this is NOT recommended as you cannot hear the activated alert, should they sound.

Yes – A-Alert has a unique system that allows alarm times that are set to be stored out of your phone in a cloud host. This means that even if your battery dies or you damage you phone to the extent that it wont work, alerts will still go out to your support group as set.

Looking For More Information?

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A-Alert is for people from all walks of life. No more wearing cumbersome hanging devices around your neck or being confined to your house for your safety system to function. A-Alert is a digital driven safety system. Take your smartphone with you and you have the most revolutionary safety system on the market, right in the palm of your hand!