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About A-Alert

A-Alert is an Australian owned and operated company specialising in personal safety systems, designed to give you complete peace of mind! A-Alert users and their support networks can breathe easy, knowing we’ve got you covered.

The team behind the development of this innovative system have been inspired not only by their personal experiences, but also by the stories shared by others as they undertook its creation.

We have all felt the stress, anxiety and fear associated with the possibility of a loved one suffering a medical emergency, with no one there to provide assistance.

Here at A-Alert, we know that life is meant to be lived, and that almost always involves taking risks. Even taking a spontaneous evening walk can lead to unforeseen circumstances! The A-Alert Personal Safety System is designed to accommodate your lifestyle, with the Quickset Alert features giving you the flexibility to set one-off timers, which check on you and notifies your support group if you fail to deactivate the alert. Aside from being a safety net, they are also great for time management. Quickset Alerts help you think in terms of how long a task might take. Before you know it, you may have found the extra time in the day you’ve been looking for!

By far our most convenient safety feature – our Pre-set Alerts, perform like a check in service, designed to be set as many times as the user wants to be checked upon.  The added bonus is that if you fail to deactivate an alert, the app will notify your support group that you need assistance. Furthermore, we also send a map marked with your last known GPS coordinates to ensure you are found as quickly as possible.

Of course, A-Alert also provides an Emergency SOS 000 Alert feature, with a 000 button featured on the home screen to ensure you can access emergency services when your life or that of another is in immediate danger.

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A-Alert is for people from all walks of life. No more wearing outdated hanging devices around your neck or being confined to your house for your safety system to function. A-Alert is a digital driven safety system. Take your smartphone with you and you have the most revolutionary safety system on the market, right in the palm of your hand!